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  • on February 28, 2021
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Food delivery handle online ordering process through streamline orders. People expect and convince of being able to order online or have their food delivered. You can grab many more opportunities to gain new customers with an online ordering system.  

Opasa is the online food order and delivery platform in Kathmandu with the collection of food menus from different restaurants. You can take away, dine in and order food online easily from your favorite place. We are providing the restaurants with a chance to succeed and grow by capturing every opportunity you can to gain new customers. 

Why OPASA as an inextricable part of your restaurants?

Opasa is an online food delivery business who believes in providing good services to its customer. Food deliveries are great branding and customer connection tools. So, we are associating a business services with restaurants. 

We have been providing good customer services to our customers. Associating with us can help you expand your business. For instance, the customer doesn’t have to walk miles through the restaurants. You can put a menu online. And we help you deliver the chosen dishes faster and easier to the relevant person. 

The customers can easily pick up the deliveries easily and your restaurants with be easily recognizable through friendly packaging services. 

Why register your restaurant on Opasa?

With more innovation and growth in the future Opasa always try to improve service delivery on the part of the customers. We focus on assigning the orders and track the deliveries in a relevant way. Also, we also focus on the following aspects to provide good online food delivery:

1.    Opasa (A trusted brand)

Opasa is a trusted brand in between the customers. We are associated with many companies that will relatively make it easier for you to gain the customer’s trust. And once it’s done, it is easy to sell. Working as a bridge between restaurants and customers we have been providing timely and loyal services with a good discount on food for our frequent users.

2.    No woes in food delivery

Managing delivery can be tuff for the restaurants. In case of mad rush hour, it’s a nightmare. By associating with OPASA, you wouldn’t have to worry about delivering food to your customers. We promise quick delivery. Also, customers can easily track their food once it is out of your restaurant’s door.

3.    Help you increase the customers

To survive in the market and make a name is not easy. Lack of audience, brand name, and failure to market is the contributing factor to this. OPASA App is going to help your restaurants reach a wider audience. You can make a brand reach out to more people through marketing and also with some promotional strategies. Marketing plans targets major fields like social media, website, Google, Youtube and Mobile Apps. This might be quite helpful for your restaurants to target a new audience.

How is OPASA beneficial?

If you are thinking to start running a restaurant delivery services then you will be able to increase your brand loyalty as well as visibility.  This will assure you that you won’t be over shadowed by third party. 

Customers they normally order directly from the restaurant of their choices. This will help to boost up the revenue of the restaurants and profits from the served meal can be collected. The choice to build your delivery team provides complete control over the dining experience from ordering , meal preparation to delivery and payment of the costumers. 

Here are the advantages of Online Ordering

1.    Efficient customers and order management

Online food delivery helps the restaurants enhance the customer-restaurant relationship. It comes with proper management system that streamline the ordering process starting from order placement to final delivery.

When customers place the order, the system automatically sends notification thorugh via email or SMS. This helps the restaurant staffs make the order execution faster. Also, the software is equipped with GPS system that will be helpful in tracking the address of the customers which ensure timely and fast deliveries. 

2.    Safe and Comfortable

Virtually anyone with a smartphone can easily order food from online. It is the easiest way to help the hungry customer order much more food online. 

So we need to build an in-house solution to analyze ordering trends and customer preferences. Menu, offering, deals prices are the criteria that the restaurant should be broadened. 

3.    Growth Business

Restaurants and food businesses need to be more creative in their choice of service and about what they deliver to their customers. Technology has improved in regard to how food is delivered and ordered. It has created a level playing field or businesses. 

4.    More time to browse the menu

The Customer will always want to know specifics of food options. So it’s smart to list details and descriptions in an online ordering system. Not only foes an online menu to provide more food option, but it also allows the customers to take time they need to browse the menu. 

5.    Monitor expenses on time

Earlier we used to see traders and business owners rely on pen and paper to keep a track of their cash outflow and inflow. Online food ordering has an automated system which help to reduce time incurred in paperwork. With every order we will be aware how much you have spent and earned or how much inventory has been used. 

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